Art Creation

翁菱是国内最早致力于在城市核心营建独立艺术文化空间的先行者。自九十年代起,她历任中央美术学院画廊、上海外滩三号沪申画廊、北京前门23号及天安时间当代艺术中心等著名艺术机构的总监。期间,她将一代中国当代艺术家如张晓刚、周春芽、顾德新、徐冰、谭盾、刘炜、曾梵志、林天苗、 严培明、叶永青等推向广泛的社会视野,持续梳理中国当代艺术史的学术价值并坚持以艺术为核心激发社会创新使之成为引领现实变迁的力量。这些艺术空间是呈现了从中国到世界范围内最优秀当代艺术创作,引领先锋色会思潮的场所。

Weng Ling graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, major in Art History. She is a pioneer in China dedicated herself to building up independent artistic and cultural space in the heart of the city. Since 1990s, she has been director of Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery (CAFA Gallery), founder and director of Shanghai Gallery of Art (SGA) at Three on the Bund and founder and director of Beijing Center for the Arts, Ch’ien Men 23 (now relocated to No.1 Jade River). During this period, she had promoted a generation of contemporary Chinese artists, such as Zhang Xiaogang, Zhou Chunya, Gu Dexin, Xu Bing, Tan Dun, Liu Wei, Zeng Fanzhi, Lin Tianmiao, Yan Peiming and Ye Yongqing, to a wider range of worldwide audiences. She continues to analyze and research the academic value of Chinese contemporary art with adherence to the concept that art is the core to stimulate innovation and a power to lead social changes. At these art spaces, Weng Ling has consistently introduced the best contemporary art creation of China as well as those of the world. The spaces has witnessed the sparkle of Avant-Garde thoughts.