Urban Change


“Old Factory Cluster of Hangzhou Oxygen Plant and Hangzhou Boiler Plant” is the most iconic industrial heritage site in Hangzhou. Its magnificent volume and prime location makes it compatible with the world’s top art exhibitions sites – Venice Biennale Arsenale, Tate Modern, and New York Armory. O2 PARK has so far welcomed fierce competition from top international architects like Herzog & De Meuron, Steven Holl, and David Chipperfield, and has been a hot topic by experts and scholars from all over the world for nearly a decade. Supported by Hangzhou’d economic advantages and cultural tradition, O2 PARK will undoubtedly play a very important role for creativity in China’s future. In 2019, after 126 rounds of competition, the relevant plots next to O2 PARK project were delisted by Kerry Construction at a premium rate of 29.94%. The unique site will serve as a hub incubating and interacting with creative talents, along with the public through innovative educational functions, art exhibitions, cultural festivals, etc. The economic benefit boosted by this project in surrounding regions has already begun to bring new energy.


Project Planning: Weng Ling

Project Design: Herzog & De Meuron

Project Attributes: Professional Museum Complex Planning, Design and Operation

Project area: about 70,000 square meters

Project Status: Under Construction