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About Founder

Adhering to the core concept of “Art is another power to change society”, under the helm of founder Ms. Weng Ling, Beijing Center for the Arts is committed to the continuous exploration and practice of “Art into Chinese society, urban and environmental development”. Since its establishment in 2008, we have been gathering people of insight who are active in the forefront of various fields in the world to provide useful guides and references in diverse fields for a better society.

Weng Ling, Art curator, founder of Beijing Center for the Arts (BCA) and Arts China Union. One of the earliest and the most important promoters of Chinese contemporary art, Weng Ling has devoted herself to integrating contemporary art into development of urban, social and environmental context for many years. She is one of first mover in advocating art leading urban change, and an expert and important practitioner in promoting cross-border collaboration in the fields of art, science, environmental protection, design and others.

Art and Design

翁菱是国内最早致力于在城市核心营建独立艺术文化空间的先行者。自九十年代起,她历任中央美术学院画廊、上海外滩三号沪申画廊、北京前门23号及天安时间当代艺术中心等著名艺术机构的总监。期间,她将一代中国当代艺术家如张晓刚、周春芽、顾德新、徐冰、谭盾、刘炜、曾梵志、林天苗、 严培明、叶永青等推向广泛的社会视野,持续梳理中国当代艺术史的学术价值并坚持以艺术为核心激发社会创新使之成为引领现实变迁的力量。这些艺术空间是呈现了从中国到世界范围内最优秀当代艺术创作,引领先锋色会思潮的场所。

Weng Ling graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts, major in Art History. She is a pioneer in China dedicated herself to building up independent artistic and cultural space in the heart of the city. Since 1990s, she has been director of Central Academy of Fine Arts Gallery (CAFA Gallery), founder and director of Shanghai Gallery of Art (SGA) at Three on the Bund and founder and director of Beijing Center for the Arts, Ch’ien Men 23 (now relocated to No.1 Jade River). During this period, she had promoted a generation of contemporary Chinese artists, such as Zhang Xiaogang, Zhou Chunya, Gu Dexin, Xu Bing, Tan Dun, Liu Wei, Zeng Fanzhi, Lin Tianmiao, Yan Peiming and Ye Yongqing, to a wider range of worldwide audiences. She continues to analyze and research the academic value of Chinese contemporary art with adherence to the concept that art is the core to stimulate innovation and a power to lead social changes. At these art spaces, Weng Ling has consistently introduced the best contemporary art creation of China as well as those of the world. The spaces has witnessed the sparkle of Avant-Garde thoughts.

Urban Change


Weng Ling is also a founder and president of art space that spearheaded the cross-disciplinary practices in China. She has built up and consistently upgraded a new interdisciplinary cooperation framework that influences the mainstream culture and social changes. In 2002, she was co-director of Urban Construction – Shanghai Biennale 2002 and introduced the topic of architecture and urban upgrading into the most important international art event in China for the first time. Since then, urban change has gradually become the mainstream focus of contemporary art.

Jade River Talk


Beginning in 2014, BCA was relocated to No. 1 Jade River, which is in the center of Beijing’s old city. Weng Ling founded and presided over the Jade River Talk, and took it as the birthplace of innovative think-tank. She has assimilated people of insight from various fields with pioneer ideas and cross-border thinking to the dialogue. Through in-depth cooperation with the government and enterprises, she works with leaders from various fronts to be deeply engaged in the urban development, upgrading and sustainable ecological construction. They have managed to build up a comprehensive practice platform, starting from research and investigation, conceptual construction, to project landing and operation. The key projects in urban core areas include Qianmen East District “Grind Field” project etc.

Jade River No.1

Add: No.45 DongBuYaQiao Hutong, Dongcheng, Beijing

The Georg Reservation: 84085300

Located in No.1 Jade River in the heart of Beijing, The Georg, in the same courtyard with Beijing Center for the Arts, is a lifestyle space that combines art, design and food. The Georg is designed by master designer, Peter Bundgaard, who is keen on details and created a perfect, cozy, flowing space. With a selection of the most fresh ingredients from different origins, The Georg updates its seasonal menus and provides a “casual Nordic fine-dining” services for the guests. The Georg includes a spacious atrium with natural sunlight, a cozy lounge, bar and café. Inspired by living room and surrounded by art, the Georg creates a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for all the guests. Besides, the outdoor courtyard is perfect for casual business meetings as well as party moments. In addition to dining and leisure, the guests can also appreciate contemporary art from all over the world. In November 2019, Michelin awarded The Georg one star in the 2019 Beijing guide.