Beijing Center for the Arts is situated in the central area of the ancient inner city of Beijing. It is dedicated to bringing in  the experimental and innovative spirit of contemporary art to the mainstream, and encouraging mutual communication between art and the public. Since 2008, BCA has presented an array of major contemporary art exhibitions, including Where Are We?Beyond ReminiscenceGu Dexin: 2009.3.14Li Huayi: Beyond RepresentationLin More

"Yan Pei-Ming: Dead and Alive" is a display of the latest ideas and artistic expression of Yan Pei-Ming concerning people,

"The Same" displays 17 pieces of installation produced in two years, featuring the artist's symbolic craftsmanship. It is the largest solo show ever of Lin Tianmiao.

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The exhibited works in the“Summer” curated by Wu Hung completely overturn the dominant style used by the artist over the past decade.

“Shan Shui 2010: H20” encompassed works by four well-known contemporary artists who demonstrated an unusually wide range of approaches to water as both a subject and a material for art.

Xue Song is familiar with various contemporary artistic forms; and in recent years, he gets down to oil painting to present and deliver the livly spirit and vitality of which the ancient literati of China were in persuit. “Garden Rock” embodied the traditional and contemporary Chinese humanistic philosophies as well as high wisdom and essence of life

The serious exhibition, featuring pluralistic viewpoints, and various ways of expression, presented the latest works of several of the world’s top artists and architects: Maya Lin, Wang Jianwei, and Zhou Wei.

This exhibition marked Shang Yang's first solo show within more than five decades of art production; it promised to deliver a comprehensive display of his impressive skill and conceptual development presenting in his latest artworks.

The exhibition continued to feature daily materials such as raw meat, cement, and marble combining them with BCA’s specific spatial pattern and structure. With his unique and intelligent artistic language, Gu conveyed the sense of tremendous thrill in confronting life and social reality.

In the context of the contemporary era, characterized by diversity and transcendentalism, “Beyond Reminiscence” converged works of several artists who broke through the restrictions of iconology, technique, medium or material, and concept. Their generous use of artistic techniques and abilities allowed them to shuttle between the times to create novel and original works that also reserved traditional charms.

Where Are We? was the question posed by the Beijing Center for the Arts when it began planning its inaugural exhibition. It was also a solemn question directed at the state of contemporary Chinese art.